Here is the schedule for April 2014 at the PI Classroom.




This schedule will be updated on a weekly basis as I plan out new classes and times.


All 2 night classes are only $50!!  When you sign up and pay for the class, you only pay for the first night, you will be sent links for BOTH nights.   If the class goes an extra night, you do not pay for the additional night!






Ghost-2014 is HERE!!


If you are conducting investigations and research on the Internet, you must be ANONYMOUS!  You need to protect what you are doing from others trying to find out what you are doing.  And most importantly, you need to make sure that the subject of your investigation can NEVER track you down.

Well, the only solution for this is:  GHOST-2014!!


With Ghost-2013 all you do is put the CD into your computer, turn the computer on, and once your computer boots from the CD, you are now 100% ANONYMOUS AND SAFE!  It really is that easy!!  And best of all, I added some special programs to Ghost-2013 to help you with your investigations:

Shutter:    Takes screen shots of whatever you want on your screen

Recordmydesktop: Records everything going on with your desktop, or a specific window, its like a VCR for your computer!

Basket: If you have ever heard me talking about Evernote, this is just like it, except YOU control all the data!

Darknet sites: This is my private list of Darknet sites that I go to in order to look for information or such.


What is best about Ghost-2013, is that you don't have to worry about if you are secure or not, the system runs in ANONYMOUS mode from the start!  And if there is a security issue, it will alert you!

This is the SAME program that I use everyday when I am working on a case or doing research online.

How much?

Please note, ALL purchases include a ONE YEAR upgrade.


You can buy Ghost-2014 on DVD and a USB copy for just $50!  Click the link below to purchase:


You can buy Ghost-2013 with INSTANT DOWNLOAD, where YOU have to burn the ISO to a DVD to use for $25!  EMAIL ME FOR YOUR INVOICE AND SECRET DOWNLOAD LINK!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


You can buy the Ghost-2014 DVD/USB and a copy of the Darknet class for just $75!  Click the link below to purchase:


Here is the Calendar system, make sure once you click on this in your browser, to bookmark it!






Have you ever had the problem of "I can't make that class"  or "I just got a client and can't sign up for that class I want"

Well, thats not really a problem!  With every PI Classroom class, if you can't make the live event, just go ahead and sign up, and the day after the class a CD will be mailed out to you with all the slides, videos, documents software, test, everything that the live students received, you will get as well!

So, can't make a class is no longer an excuse to avoid increasing your skills.  Go ahead and sign up for the PI Classroom Class!


Now you can purchase on DVD the class you have always wanted!!

Just click on Store ad then choose "Purchase a class on DVD"

Just choose one or more classes for your purchase!  If you would liked to select more then one, just hold the left CTRL key down while click on the additional DVD's.  The system will automatically update the total!

And all DVD's are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail.


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